Commercial Services

The commercial services crew provides tree care that helps sustain the aesthetic beauty of our customers properties. Each member of our team is trained in current tree care management practices. Connect with a member of our commercial services department for a free consultation today.

Tree removal is not typically emphasized but is none the less a necessary arboricultural practice.  It has always been our goal to keep our clients trees healthy, but at times removal is the best alternative for the landscape and homeowner.

Tree removal is often done to eliminate dead or dying trees that have become hazardous.  Removals are also performed to eliminate competition for light and spaces, so remaining plants are able to grow and thrive.  Sometimes trees are removed to clear the way for new construction and home additions to provide clearance for those structures.  Tree removal is the most dangerous aspect for arboriculture.  Often the climber must remove trees growing close to homes and utility lines.  Tree removal requires years of training to be performed.  At professional tree experts our tree care specialists have been trained to work safely and efficiently in all tree removals.  We thoroughly clean every job and strive to minimize damage to surrounding vegetation.

After tree removal, the stump is typically left as close to the ground as possible.  If needed removal of the stump can be provided.  Specialty equipment is required to accomplish the difficult task.  Stump grinding by a trained professional is the easiest and safest way to handle this work.

Pruning is a recommend periodic service for all your woody plants.  

Mature Tree Pruning

With mature trees pruning is often necessary to remove dead and dying branches to ensure plant health and safety.  This pruning method is called cleaning.  It is often necessary to thin a tree out to reduce crown density which will reduce wind and subsequent storm damage.  Customer may also consider trimming lower limbs.  A pruning method known as crown elevation to increase light for turf grass and/or create a more aesthetic look to their landscape.

Young Tree Pruning

Pruning of young trees is often overlooked by consumers.  Trees planted in yards tend to grow faster than those in a forest due to not having to compete for light.  Structural pruning of woody plant on your landscape is needed to eliminate unnecessary limbs to help your trees grow healthy.

Specialty Pruning

Professional Tree Expects accommodates our clients with formal pruning methods, including pollarding, espalier, pleaching, and topiary.  Fruit tree pruning is becoming increasingly popular as more consumers grow apples, pears, citrus, and other fruit bearing plants in their gardens.  Vista pruning is also done to enhance the view for customers who live near mountains and lake shores.

In the event of an emergency related to your trees, Professional Tree Experts is available to help when you need it most.  We have the resources to mobilize a crew as quick as possible no matter the time of day.  During an emergency, Professional Tree Experts takes the time to assess the situation and recommend the best course of action.  Once emergency service is complete, crews will begin the process of cleanup and repair.

Professional Tree Experts installs the complex systems to the highest industry standards.  Homeowners with structural support systems should contact Professional Tree Experts to inspect them each year.

Stumps are often removed to increase the beauty of the landscape and clear the way for new plants.  At Professional Tree Experts our staff is trained in the proper removal techniques to complete this task safety and efficiently.  After stump removal we thoroughly clean the job to ensure customer satisfaction.